A & A Equestrian Pinellas Horse

Where are you located?

We board our horses at Sidekick Stables. 
7585 78th Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781
This is a private boarding facility where horse owners can rent a stall, like an apartment for your horse. We love visitors, but please make an appointment by calling or texting 727-637-3022 before you come out. Also fill out a release form as all visitors must have the waiver signed. 


Are beginner riders welcome?

 We love beginners! It is truly a joy for us to watch a new horse lover get to interact, learn about and ride horses for the first time.

How old do you have to be in order to ride?

 Our riders must be four years old. While we sympathize with your younger horse lover, our insurance will not allow us to take riders younger than four.


Do you offer lessons to adults?

We are geared towards teaching younger riders. Under 18 is our niche. That doesn’t mean we won’t take on an adult every now and then. It depends on the adult’s riding goals. Contact us to discuss.


How long do lessons last?

Lessons will average one hour. Sometimes we will go over an hour, it depends on the horse and rider. Younger children may last only 40 minutes. The lesson costs $50 no matter the time spent at the barn unless you scheduled a 30 minute lesson. 
This includes ground work such as grooming and tacking up for beginners. Once the student can groom and tack the horse up to specification alone (the instructor will advise when) then the student may come 15 minutes early to get the horse ready for the lesson.


Do you offer rentals, trail rides, or leases?

Not to the general public. Our students enjoy lease opportunities and the occasional camping trip or trail ride as those opportunities come up. This is a privilege and reward to our hard-working and dedicated students only.


What is the required gear to ride?

A riding boot with a half-inch heel should be worn while mounted at all times. Students MUST provide their own boots. NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS ALLOWED IN THE BARN AREA!
For beginner students, camp and club kids, if you do not have boots, then a closed toed shoe like a sneaker will suffice.

Intermediate riders must have a paddock or riding boot in order to ride.
You can get riding boots at different places locally such as Amber Glen Feed Store on Park Blvd, oak hollow Saddlery or Spencers Western World on 66th Street and also online.

SEI/ASTM certified Riding Helmets must be worn while riding. It is recommended that the student obtain their own helmet, however loaners are available at the barn. No Bicycle Helmets are allowed. Do not buy your helmet on consignment or used.

You must sign a liability release form before riding. A Parent or Legal Guardian must sign the form before children under the age of 18 can ride. By signing the release form, you are verifying that you have sufficient health insurance for the rider and agree to pay for all medical expenses if any should arise from a fall or other injury from a horse or pony. All visitors must have a release form on file.

What type of horses do you use?

We teach English, Western and some Gaited Riding.  We have horses and ponies that are suitable for beginner to intermediate lessons.  A horse will be assigned that is worthy of the day’s lessons. Check the calendar before you come to find out who you are supposed to ride but then check with the instructor as sometimes horses do not cooperate with our best laid plans!
Everyone will be required to tack up their own horse. In the case of small children who are unable to do so alone, someone will help as part of their lesson. When the student can tack up on his/her own, the student can come to the lesson 15 minutes early to get the horse ready.

All horses must be well groomed prior to being ridden. The appearance of one’s horse reflects on the rider.
All tack must be properly fitted. Check for the proper fit of both the bridle and saddle every time you tack up your horse. Even though the instructors will always double check your tack, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is adjusted properly for your lesson. DO NOT MOUNT THE HORSE UNTIL YOUR INSTRUCTOR CHECKS YOUR TACK!
If the horse shows signs of illness or injury, notify the instructor prior to saddling so that it can be treated and determined if the horse is fit to ride.
A horse must be properly cooled out and cared for after the lesson. All tack must be wiped down and put away properly.


Do you offer Jumping Lessons?

We offer low level, beginner jumping, gymnastics, poles and cross-rails on our horses. Jumping creates wear and tear on our horses, and their comfort is a priority to us. Therefore, we do not offer jumping over eighteen inches in height. We can and will prepare you to move up in height but when you are ready, we will refer you to another instructor who specializes in the discipline you crave.


Do you attend shows?

 Yes! We attend local schooling and open shows with our students. See our Show Team Page for more information.

Can we bring a friend or sibling to the barn while my child rides?

Of course!
Siblings of students must be with a parent or guardian at all times. The riding lesson is only for the child whom we scheduled. Siblings are welcome to watch the lesson but are not allowed to participate. 

Release forms are required of all visitors, including siblings.
The barn is not a playground. All non-riding visitors must sit on the outside of the arena or in the car. Please do not wander throughout the barns unaccompanied by staff or instructor. Please do not touch or feed any horse the owner grants unless specific permission. Not all horses in the barn are lesson horses.  Some horses can be aggressive.  Some owners can be protective. 
Please leave your pets at home. The barn’s insurance does not allow dogs on the property. Dogs can create dangerous situations for both horse, rider, and the dog.


What types of Payment do you accept?

 Cash is always welcome.
CHECKS:  Make checks payable to A & A Equestrian Coaches. You may hand the check to an instructor or you can mail your check to Alisha at 11067 106th Ave, Largo, FL 33778  (mailing address only) Any returned or bounced check will result in a $40.00 fee in addition to the amount of the check.
Paypal: PinellasHorse@hotmail.com

Venmo: @Alisha-Pinellas-horse

Cash App: $pinellashorse

Zelle: 727-637-3022

Payment is due on the day of the scheduled lesson.


Do you offer a discount?

 No. Our prices are non-negotiable.

The only discount we offer is for our weekly students who wish to attend horse club on the weekend in addition to their regularly scheduled lesson.


What happens if it's raining?

In the event of light rain, lessons, camps, and clubs will NOT be canceled. If riding is not possible, another horse related activity will be done such as stall cleaning, learning about parts of horse and tack ect.

 In the case of storms with lightning, we WILL cancel lessons as it’s not safe to be at the barn during a severe thunderstorm.

When in doubt, Call or Text your instructor and then Check our Facebook page when in doubt as this is the first place we will post if we must cancel a lesson or barn time.

To cancel a lesson, you must contact us *24 hours in advance* (unless sudden inclement weather) of the canceled lesson.

We understand life happens and if you need to cancel once or twice, no penalty will be assessed and you will be allowed to make up that lesson the same week with no additional charge. If you cancel less than an hour before your scheduled lesson, you will be charged for that lesson in full. If you “no show” (no call) more than once you will be pulled off the calendar and your lesson spot will be given to another student, there will be no refunds.  

Again, we will not penalize you for an act of God, such as severe weather. We understand things can go wrong last minute. We don’t want to penalize our students for occasional mishaps however we can’t keep a time slot for habitual no shows.


How do we contact you?

 Because we are often out with the horses, text is best. 727-637-3022

If you don’t hear from us within a day or two, try email: PinellasHorse@hotmail.com

We are also on Facebook at A&A Equestrian Coaches.

We are very busy and if you are asking for a service we can’t provide, or we are not accepting any new riders, we usually refer your number to other area instructors as a courtesy. We usually screen shoot your text and forward it to a few people we know who are good, quality instructors. If you get a call back from someone other than A&A Equestrian, then you know that’s what happened.

I wish we could accommodate everyone, but we are a small niche riding school.