Saturday, December 30th at 9am (registration at 8:30am) 
Helen Howarth Park – 6301 94th Ave, Pinellas Park, FL
$6.00 per class + $5 Grounds fee per Horse 
Youth – 12 and under Junior/Senior 13 – 17 Adult 18 and up

1. Grooming & Conditioning
2. Geldings & Mares age 5 -
3. Geldings & Mares age 6+
4. Non Stock Type Geldings & Mare
5. Pony Halter 14.2 & under
6. Color Class
7. Beginner Showmanship
8. Intermediate Showmanship
15 Min Break 
Costume Class FREE ENTRY
9. Lead Line (English or Western)
10. Walk Only Pleasure (English or Western)
11. Walk Only Horsemanship (English or Western)
Western Pleasure Classes / Walk Jog Only
12. Youth Western Pleasure
13. Youth Horsemanship
14. Junior Pleasure
15. Junior Horsemanship 
16. Open Pleasure
17. Open Horsemanship (Pattern)
18. Open Green Rider Pleasure
Western Pleasure Classes / Walk Jog Lope
19. Youth Pleasure
20. Youth Horsemanship
21. Junior Pleasure
22. Junior Horsemanship
23. Open Pleasure 
24. Open Horsemanship (Pattern)
25. Open Walk/Jog Trail/Obstacle
26. Open Walk/Jog/Lope Trail/Obstacle
Gaited & Non Stock Type Classes
27. Open Pleasure 2 gaits
28 Open Trail Pleasure 2 gaits
29. Open Pleasure 3 gaits
30. Open Trail Pleasure 3 gaits
Ranch Horse Classes 
31. Open Ranch Horse Rail Walk Jog Only
32. Open Ranch Horse Pleasure Rail Lope Class
English Pleasure Classes / Walk Trot Only
33. Youth Pleasure
34. Youth Horsemanship
35. Junior Pleasure
36. Junior Horsemanship 
37. Open Pleasure
38. Open Horsemanship (Pattern)
39. Open Green Rider Pleasure
English Pleasure Classes / Walk Trot Canter
40. Youth Pleasure
41. Youth Horsemanship
42. Junior Pleasure
43. Junior Horsemanship
44. Open Pleasure 
45. Open Horsemanship (Pattern)

Speed (will not start before 3pm) 
46. Youth Texas Barrels
47. Open Texas Barrels
48. Youth Cloverleaf Barrels
49. Open Cloverleaf Barrels
50. Toilet Paper Ride (team)
51. Water Cups Ride
52. Apple Bobbing Race
Volunteers and Sponsors Needed!
Or Facebook search A&A Equestrian 
Show attire should be proper but casual. Helmets for under 18 required. Boots for all Riders Required. 
All Horse owners with horses present must pay a grounds fee and present a coggins to registration. If you bring an extra horse to school on the grounds during the show, please present coggins and pay a grounds fee at the registration table. If one horse is being shared by multiple riders, you pay only 1 grounds fee. We will take these grounds fee $ and offer the money to the Horsin around at the Mane Event 4H club to clean the grounds of manure and hay on Sunday after the show. Help a 4H club and pay the grounds fee.  
There is no show all day or poor boy fee. It’s a very affordable $6 per class and $5 per class for speed and games. Please keep your horse’s well-being in mind when selecting your classes. Offer water and plenty of rest between classes.
Pleasure Classes: This is the normal AQHA type Western Pleasure and Horsemanship type classes. 
Non Stock & Gaited: This is for Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers and other Gaited horses. 
2 gait, mean your horses breed slow gate, like walk, pleasure walk and gait 2 is the next speed for your horses breed, such as running walk or jog. 3 gaits add a third gait such as lope, or your horses natural 3rd gait. 
Ranch Horse: This is for horses that are more of a working horse type, the jog is a little faster, the headset is more level with the withers. These horses should not have silver tack. Attire should be more working ranch style. The patterns are Ranch Horse Patterns and will include lope. 
Because this is a “SCHOOLING SHOW” please feel free to try out different styles of riding. The judge will be instructed to give constructive advice. 
Speed Games: The apple bobbing race, race down to apples, dismount, bob for apples, remount and race back. Fastest time wins. Toilet paper race, teams of horses ride in tandem with a length of toilet paper between them. 
We graciously thank all of our sponsors who have made this show possible! Please give them a call or a referral!
Abby Vines Class Sponsor
Whispering Trail Farms Division Sponsor for Trail
Rosa Freed Class Sponsor
Amber Glen Feed Depot Division Sponsorship​