Little Foot

We believe Little Foot is a Hackney Shetland Cross.

He stands 13.3 hands tall  and is  about 17 years old.  He is great with beginner riders as well as smaller children.  He loves people and loves to lick you. 


Rowdy is a Pintaloosa, which is a cross between a Paint and an Appaloosa. 

He stands 15.2 hands tall  and is  about 10 years old.  Rowdy has a large personality.  He loves everyone.  In 2016 he contracted Uveitis and we had to remove his eye but he feels so much better and behaves just like he has two eyes.

Moore's Sisco Kid

Registered Rocky Mountain Horse 

Sisco is 5 years old and 15.2 hands tall.  He's bestie's with Rowdy.  He is Super Smooth!  Since he's so young, we reserve him for intermediate riders.  


Freedom is a wonderful cross of what we believe to be Paso Fino and Quarter Horse. 

She stands 14.2 hands tall  and is  about 10 years old.  She is an excellent barrel horse as she quick and sure footed.  She's great on lead and lunge line as well.