Since we are guests at Sidekick Stables we need to make sure we follow the barn rules.

1. Close the gate every time you drive through it. Horses get loose all the time and run around like crazy banshees while playing keep away from us stupid humans. They are insolent children who were never taught traffic rules. We don't want them causing havoc on Park Blvd.

2.  Leave your loveable doggos at home. Insurance says, no dogs allowed. It's much safer for your dog anyway. Yes, even if fido is the sweetest doggo in the world, he can be perceived as a threatening predator to big dumb prey animal. Threats require elimination. Doggo loses its life or at the very least, has a stay at the dreaded vets.

3.  Horses have the right of way over everyone including your kiddo. (don't run them over either) But horses are king even inside the barn. Keep an eye on your kiddo as you visit. Nobody told them a 1200lb horse will walk right over them without much drama on their part. You on the other hand will have tons of drama with a traumatized kiddo.

4.  No touchy, touchy. Some of the horses can we stall aggressive but mostly beware of the owners. If you thought sending your kid to kindergarten was full of over protective moms, you haven't see horse moms in action, yet. You can look and if the owner invites you to pet, go ahead, but please don't touch the horses otherwise.

5.  No running. No ball games, drones, or anything else that might seem like a fun thing to do in all this open space. Horses take the fun out of open spaces, they are giant frady cats who bolt for no reason sometimes. Let's not give them a reason to buck a rider off. Keep sibling occupied with quiet activities while your rider does horse stuff.

6.  Sign a liability release for everyone on the property.

A & A Equestrian Pinellas Horse

7585 78th Avenue, Pinellas ParK, Fl 33781

Sidekick Stables

Our program is currently full.

We board our horses and run our business from this location. We do not own the facility. If you interested in boarding your horse here, please contact Greg at 727-251-4619.