Hoity toity we are not.

We may be informal, but we are an exclusive riding school that subscribes to quality over quantity. This means, you won't be chunked in a group lesson with ten other riders. Whether you ride for fun or to show, we are your biggest cheerleader. 

We are proud to present a variety of lesson options for our students. We strive to not only create excellent riders, but well-rounded equestrians. Horsemanship, Leadership, Safety, Respect, Determination and Achievement are a part of our lesson curriculum. 

English and Western riders first learn how to communicate and bond with our horses from the ground up. Our students turn out to be capable equestrians who have a solid foundation that will take them as far as they want to go in the horse world.

We work with our students to help them grow and overcome challenges. Fear transforms into bravery. Shyness turns bold. Followers become leaders. Horses change lives.

Our student's achievements make us proud.  Our lesson options include:

  • Private 1 hour - $60

English or Western: This lesson comprises working towards the rider’s goals, while also teaching them how to properly prepare a horse for a ride.

Beginner students learn how to groom, tack up, mount and control the horse.

Intermediate students will work on improving their equitation and horsemanship in every ride.

You must be 6 or older to take this type of lesson. 

  • Semi Private 1 hour - $45

This lesson provides an opportunity to work with other riders to work on highly specific and focused lessons. This is available to intermediate riders only. Groups are limited to 3 riders, and those participating are expected to be tacked up and warmed up by the start of the lesson. 

  • Private 30 minute - $45

This lesson is typically targeted towards younger students ages 4 to 6, but is a great option for all!

Ages 4 to 6: This is a safely led horse ride geared towards having fun safely and feeling comfortable on the horse. It's causal and the horse is contained in a small pen or on lead line with someone walking the horse.

We do not recommend 30 minute lessons for older beginners unless they are prepared for a ground lesson only. Beginners need more time to learn the basics and our lessons involve ground work as well as riding. A 1 hour private lesson is the best for the older beginner riders.

Intermediate students will be expected to be tacked up and warmed up by the start of the 30 minute lesson. They are expected to remain after their lesson to untack and cool out the horse. Unless you are a young leadline rider (age 4 to 6), we expect you to be independent when taking these lessons.

I bet you have questions. Check out our FAQ page below because we probably have answers there.

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