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What do volunteers typically do?

Anything from mucking stalls, setting feed, filling water buckets to preparing horses for lessons, leading young beginner riders, being a runner and assistant at events and helping out during our summer camps and horse clubs.

I won't lie, it's hot, sweaty, buggy and hard labor most of the time, but if you are a horse lover you'll enjoy being at the barn, sniffing that farm air and loving on horses.

How old do volunteers have to be?

While we can have volunteers as young as twelve helping us out around the barn, our desired volunteer is over the age of fourteen. (Aged re-riders are adored.)

Our younger volunteers are usually invited to become a Barn Brat by one of our instructors because they see a passion in the kiddo they recognize. These kiddos are usually lessons students, clubbers or campers. 

What experience do I need in order to volunteer?

You need to be comfortable handling horses on the ground. Leading, grooming, tacking up English or Western. We always check our tack and will help you the first couple of times if you need a refresher.

We love our volunteers.

We celebrate them by sharing our knowledge with them, letting them cool out our horses and catch rides when available. We throw volunteer parties, invite them to go on trail rides and camping trips with the horses. Volunteering with us has it's perks.

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering. 

We don't have paid employees in the traditional sense.

We sometimes pay someone to clean stalls if they are really exceptional at horse care and we are away at an event.

We usually offer these jobs to our most dependable volunteers.

Our instructors are independent and essentially they give us a cut of their income to help pay for the horse's board, feed, farrier and vet bill. We provide them with marketing, new students, administrative, and a program they can follow for teaching. If you are interested in joining our team as an instructor, please contact Alisha at 727-637-3022 to see if you might be a good fit.

What about Paid employees?

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